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 Make-up Examination for Mid-Term Even Semester March 2023   24-03-2023 Download Form
 M.Sc Admission 2023-24 :: Admission Criteria for M.Sc (2023-24)   23-03-2023 Download Form
 M.A. Economics Admission 2023-24 :: Admission Criteria for M.A. Economics (2023-24)   23-03-2023 Download Form
 Notice & Schedule for Biometric Attendance for Full time Ph.D Research Scholar(s) admitted under DTU / UGC / CSIR/ DST/ DBT fellowship or any other fellowship).   16-03-2023 Download Form
 Archive Notifications   Download Form
 Apply for enhancement in DTU Fellowship   Download Form
 Display of Details of Ph.D Scholars on department web's page on DTU website   Download Form
 Guidelines & Eligibility for Make-up Examination   Download Form
 Information for various forms   Download Form
 withdrawal policy towards refund of Admission fee for AY 2022-23   Download Form
 Undertaking alongwith application for 5th year extension   Download Form
 Submission of request before expiry of event   Download Form
 Regarding NoC approval from Competent Authority   Download Form
 Regarding Mandatory publication requirement for award of Ph.D degree   Download Form
 Queries related Emails   Download Form
 Introduction of Additional Clause of DTU Ph.D Fellowship beyond 3 years   Download Form
 Attendance in UG/PG courses & marks for attendance in CWS components  13.01.2023 Download Form
 Notification of Make-up Examination for Mid-Term Odd Semester September 2022  27.09.2022 Download Form
 Notification dated 21.09.2022 - Regarding Mandatory Publication Requirement for Award of Ph.D Degree  22.09.2022 Download Form
 Refund of Admission Fee on account of withdrawal of M.Tech Admission-2022-23  22.09.2022 Download Form
 DTU withdrawal policy towards refund of admission fees in all UG and PG programmes for the Academic Year 2022-23  20.09.2022 Download Form
 Updating of Student's Attendance in DTU ERP Platform  16.09.2022 Download Form
  Guidelines regarding Award of Medals to DTU students during Convocation of the University  29.06.2022 Download Form
 Revision of syllabi of M.Sc. (Mathematics)  24.06.22 Download Form
 Proposal for 1 year internship for M.Tech final year students  24.06.22 Download Form
 Minor revision in scheme and syllabus of M.Sc Chemistry  24.06.22 Download Form
 Enhancement of intake in M.Tech ( Computer Science and Engineering )  24.06.22 Download Form
 Academic Calender for all UG/PG/Ph.D programs (Odd Semester for AY 2022-23)  02.06.22 Download Form
 Notification regading Ph.D Tuition Fee.  21.12.21 Download Form
 Office Order : Relevant documents / performas indcluding honorarium / hospitality / TA bill pertaining to Ph.D Conduct of SRC meeting & comprehensive Examination, DRC meeting and permission to conduct the Pre-Ph.D Seminar  25.03.21 Download Form
 Notification : Guidelines regarding Award of Medals to DTU students during Convocation of the University  25.03.2021 Download Form
 Defaulter List of PG Students  01/03/21 Download Form
 Guidelines for Online Teaching and Learning  04/02/21 Download Form
 Circular for Commencement of Research Methodology; and Research and Publication Ethics Classes for PhD Students 2020   - Download Form
 Office order: List of students removed from detention list  08/09/20 Download Form
 Notice for PHD mandatory course of "Research publications and ethics".  30/08/20 Download Form
 Details of GEC for MSc III and IV semester  24/07/20 Download Form
 Scholarship details for M.Tech(PSE) Full time students  24/07/20 Download Form
 Proforma for Pre-PhD  26/06/20 Download Form
 SRC Constitution Proforma  26/06/20 Download Form