Academics PG

Doctor of Philosophy

The college admits Full time scholars for a duration of maximum 4 years. The areas of specializations available under the various departments are given below:

Electrical / Electronics & Communication / Computer Engineering Departments : Electrical Machines and Drives, Power Systems, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Microwave Communication, DSP, Micro electronics Devises, VLSI/Fault-Tolerant Computing.

Mechanical Engineering: Thermal Engineering, I C Engines, Turbo-machinery, Stress Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Metal Forming and Foundry Technology, Industrial and Technology Management, Flexible Manufacturing and Automation.

Civil Engineering: Structural Engg., Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engg. Water Resources Engg., Environmental Engg, Experimental Machinics.

Applied Physics: Material Science & Superconductivity, Thin-films, Fibre optics and Optical communication and Quantum electronics.

Applied Chemistry: Polymer Science & Technology, Material Science and Polymer Composites, Ion-exchange, Electro Chemistry, Chemical Themodynamics.

Applied Mathematics: Graph Theory, Information Theory, Numerical Simulation, Number Theory and Combinatorics, Relativistic Cosmological Models, Algebra, Approximation Theory.

Humanities: Applied Economics, Engineering Economics, Labour Market Analysis, Techno-Economics Impact of Education.