Centre of Extension and Field Outreach
Policy statement of UGC states as under “If the University system has to discharge adequately its responsibilities to the entire education system and to the society as a whole, it must assume extension as the third important responsibility (Third Dimension) and give it the same status as teaching and research. This is a new and extremely significant area which should be developed on the basis of high priority”. The Above policy of UGC has been taken as guiding principles to establish Centre for Extension and Field Outreach. It was proposed to start the Centre from financial Year 2018-19.

The detail of the program is given as under. In exercise of powers conferred upon the University under section 7 (13) of The Delhi Technological Act 2009, the Board of Management in its meeting held on 23.02.2018 given its approval for establishment of Centre for Extension and Field Outreach Program in DTU from financial year 2018-19.

The various activities to be performed by the Centre to include promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the university and the community.