Centre of Extension and Field Outreach

Ongoing Activities
Academic activities in schools

Following schools have been selected for implementation of outreach programme

1. GGSS School, K-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi

2. SKV, D-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi

3. GGSSS, Siraspur, Delhi

4. GBSSS, Siraspur, Delhi

5. GCSSS, Barwala, Delhi

6. GCSSS, Sector-15, Rohini, Delhi

7. SBV, Pehladpur Bangar, Delhi

8. SKV, Pehladpur

9. GBSSS, Qadipur

10. GBSSS, D-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi

11. SKV, No-2, A-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi

12. GGSSS, E-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi

These activities for these schools planned after a meeting with Honorable VC and School principals/Head of the schools