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Human Resource Development Centre

Delhi Technological University

Main Categories Of HRDC

Orientation Programs

  • Every new faculty member in higher education will be required to undergo a four week Orientation / First level Programme which will be focused on some broad area of knowledge spanning a few allied disciplines with minimum of 24 working days (excluding Sundays) and 144 contact hours (six hours a day).

Refreshers courses

  • These will be mainly focused for those faculty members who have already undergone through the Orientation/First Level Programme in an identified broad area with minimum of 18 working days (excluding Sundays) and 108 contact hours (six hours a day).


  • These will be organized for shorter duration of one week(6 working days, 36 contact hours) and will be covering mainly for capacity building of academics, administrators and other stakeholders.

Short-term course

  • 3-6 days duration especially on research methodology and specialized themes of interest.