Dr. Duli Chand Meena

Electrical Engineering

Phone:9868584955, 0112787
Email: dcmeena@dce.ac.in, dcmeena_dce@yahoo.com



Areas of Interest

Power Systems, Control of Electrical Machines, Self-Excited Induction Generator(SEIG), Power Quality and Renewable Energy

    Membership of Professional Societies: Member IEEE (Membership no. 92972384). 

    Papers Published in International Conferences:-

  1. Kavita Jaiswal, Dheeraj Joshi and Duli Chand Meena, “Harmonic Analysis of Slip Power Recovery Drives,” 2012 IEEE Fifth India International Conference On Power Electronics (IICPE-2012) , pp.1-6, December 6th-8th ,2012. (IEEE Explore. ISBN: 978-1-4673-0931-8 )
  2. Duli Chand Meena and Dheeraj Joshi, “Particle Swarm Optimization Based Performance Investigation of Self Excited Induction Generator,” International Conference of Advance Research and Innovation (ICARI-2015) pp.410-413,January 31st , 2015. (ISBN : 978-93-5156-328-0 )
  3. Amit Kumar Yadav, Madhusudan Singh and Duli Chand Meena, “Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Emulator using DC Motor,” IEEE 7th  POWER INDIA Conference (PIICON-2016), November 25th -27th ,2016. (IEEE Explore ISBN: 978-1-4673-8962-4 )
  4. D.C. Meena and Ambrish Devanshu. “Genetic Algorithm Tuned PID Controller for Process Control,” IEEE International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC 2017) Jan. 19th -20th, 2017. (Conference Proceedings. ISBN: 978-1-5090-4715-4) 

Contribution in Books:

  1. CONTRIBUTOR in  the book titled “INTRODUCTORY CIRCUIT ANALYSIS ” by Robert L. Boylestad. Pearson International Publication, 13th Global Edition, 2015. (ISBN: 9780273793236)

      2. REVIEWER of book titled “ ENGINEERING ELECTROMAGNETICS & WAVES” by Umaran s. Inan, Aziz Inan & Ryan Said, Pearson International Publication, 2nd Global Edition, 2015. (ISBN : 9781292098951)      

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